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What is ESI Scheme scheme is considered very important for the family dependent of any employee or laborer, which is mainly used for any kind of treatment. Almost every small and big company in the country registers its employees under ESIC and contributes a little on its behalf, as well as gets a small contribution from the employees.


By joining the ESI scheme, the employee not only gets the benefit, but also his family People also get benefit. In this way if you are a worker then you Must have complete information about “What is ESI Card” and features, benefits etc. Which is being given to you in this article.

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ESI Scheme [ESI Scheme] What is?

Mainly, the ESI scheme has been started by the Government of India for such laborers who do wages. In fact, the workers involved in this scheme will be given permanent or temporary disabilitysickness or injury in the course of work or death due to accident in the course of work, or Business It has been started to provide assistance in health emergency like related diseases.

Because the laborers do not earn enough that they can collect so much money in case of emergency and get their treatment done. Sometimes such a situation arises that the workers also lose their jobs. In this way, insurance coverage is given to the worker and the family of the worker in this scheme, as well as maternity coverage is also given in it. By joining this scheme, the workers and their families get better facilities related to health. Apart from this, they are also given cash benefit in case of disability or loss of income. If any employee covered under the scheme dies in the course of work, then his death After this, the nominee or his family members also get pension.

Eligibility for ESI [ESI Card Eligibility]

What is the eligibility for ESI, its information is given below.

  • factory workers or hotelEmployees working in , cinema, road, transport, news paper, educational and medical institutes or shops get the service of ESI.
  • The institute in which at least 10 people work is eligible for ESI.
  • Employees having monthly salary up to 21000 are considered eligible for ESI.
  • If the employee is disabled, then the salary limit for the month is ₹ 25000.
  • Workers whose daily wages are up to ₹ 50 are kept out of contribution. However, the company in which the workers work, that company has to give their contribution.

ESI scheme Of under coverage

The ESI scheme was started in Delhi and Kanpur around the year 1952 and after that it was gradually expanded. Just as industrialization has developed, ESI has performed its duties of social security well.

In the year 2019 till 31st March our India A total of 34 states in the country and Union Territory This scheme was reached in the year 2011 and at present more than 3 crore employees of about 12,000,000 factory and business institutes and their families are getting the benefit of this scheme. In this way, at present, more than 13 crore people are connected with the ESI scheme.

What is not covered in the ESI scheme?

At present, the employees who are earning Rs 21000 or more in a month are not included in the scheme of ESI. Also, let us also tell you that for coverage under the ESI scheme in Chandigarh and Maharashtra, Business Institute Or the current number of workers or employees in the factory should be 20, while in other areas this number has been kept only 10.

Features and Benefits of ESI Scheme [ESI Benefits]

Whoever is the beneficiary of the ESI scheme, they get a lot of services, out of which the information about some of the main services is being told to you below.

  • Medical:- The person who joins ESI will be covered under ESI. Medical The cost is very less and proper health facilities are provided.
  • dependent:– If an employee is injured while working or if he becomes ill while working, then in such a situation, the dependents of the employees will be given financial assistance, as well as they will also be entitled to monthly income and the amount dependents, they will be paid equally.
  • Coverage:All the laborers who will be involved in this scheme will be included in the scheme from the very first day of getting the job. Apart from this, the dependents of the employee included in the scheme will also get cover under the scheme.
  • Funeral cost: Around ₹15000 is given by ESI on the last rites of the employees involved in the scheme. This money is given to the dependent of the deceased person or to the person doing the funeral work.
  • Maternity:The beneficiary woman is entitled to get 100% benefit of her daily wages for about 26 weeks and it can be extended by 1 month depending on the medical consultant.
  • disability:- In the case of permanent disability, the worker is entitled to get 90 percent of his monthly payment till he is completely cured and if an employee is permanently disabled then 90 percent of the monthly salary he will get for life. Will be
  • disease:If a worker is included in the scheme and he gets sick, then the service of cash for his daily expenses is also included in this scheme. In such a situation, he will get 70 prtisht part of his daily wages for about 91 days, which can be taken twice.
  • Unemployment:– If a worker due to some problem Unemployed If it is, then for 2 years he will get maximum 50% of his monthly salary.

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What is ESI Card? [What is ESI Card in Hindi]

Other name of ESI card identification card Happens also. The worker who joins the ESI scheme, that worker and the family members of that worker get the ESI card and with the help of this card when he hospital Or they go to the dispensary, then they get the benefit.

The name of the card holder is printed on the ESI card. Apart from this, the name of the father of the card holder, his home address is printed. Along with this, a unique ESI insurance number is also printed on the ESI card, as well as information about the person’s photo and his dependents on the card. It is a plastic card.

How to get ESI card made? [ESI Card Online Registration]

To get an ESI card, you have to visit the official website of ESIC and you have to create an account on the website. After that you have to complete the application process by filling the required information.

After this, a magnetic smart card is sent by ESIC to the given address of the worker or sometimes the worker can get this card by visiting the ESIC branch.

How to Download ESI Card? , Download ESI Card Online [Portal]

Below you are being told the step by step process to download the ESI card.

  • Below you have been given a link to the official website of ESIC. By clicking on the link given below, you have to go to the official website of ESIC.
  • After reaching the official website of ESIC, you have to press the login button by entering the username followed by the password and then the captcha code in the prescribed space.
  • After login, a page will appear on your screen, where you will see the important link in ESIC. From that link, you have to click on the option of e-identity card link.
  • After clicking on the link, you have to print the name of the employee or the name of that employee in the specified place.
  • Enter the ESIC number and search.
  • After searching, you have to click on the VIEW button.
  • Now you have to click on the option with VIEW COUNTER FOIL.
  • Now you will see name, employee address, dispensary, resume and nominee’s e-identity on the screen of your device.
  • Now if you want, you can take a print out of the document visible on the screen or use it pdf format can save in . The file which will be extracted in this way or the file which will be saved in PDF format, it will be called e-identity card.

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