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How to earn money through WhatsApp? Today you will get Whatsapp app in every smart phone, Whatsapp is a very easy way to contact with your relatives and friends, but do you know that you can also earn money through Whatsapp? No, then today we will tell you all the ways with the help of which you can earn money through your Whatsapp. But nowadays many wrong information is given which people get confused whether by doing this you can really earn money through Whatsapp, today we will also tell you about all those wrong information.

No matter how much money you earn, you have to work hard. Nothing is achieved without hard work, and if you want to earn money from Whatsapp, then you should know some things.

What is necessary to earn money from Whatsapp?

WhatsApp – If you want to earn money through Whatsapp, then you have to install Whatsapp in your mobile.

Internet – As you know that without internet you cannot run Whatsapp, so you will need internet.

Contact – If you have many friends in Whatsapp or you are in many groups then you can earn very good money through Whatsapp.

So friends, if you have these 3 things then you too can earn money through Whatsapp. But in today’s time, many such wrong information is given, seeing that we get confused whether this can happen, let us first tell you about these wrong information.

Earning Through WhatsApp – Fake Information

You must have seen many such messages in your Whatsapp message, in which it is written that to help, send this message to 10 groups so that it can get 1 rupee on every share from Whatsapp. Will be able to see it. But do you think you get paid for doing this? 1 rupee on a share?

So here I would like to make it clear that this is not true at all, it does not happen. This is a fake information. Nothing gets paid for sharing. If this was the case, then today everyone would have become a millionaire by doing this.

Do not trust such messages, and do not forward them either. So friends, if such messages come on your Whatsapp too, then you should understand that this does not happen and people do this for publicity.

How to earn money through Whatsapp?

Today, many people are earning money through Whatsapp by using the method we are going to tell.

  • Link Shortening
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sell ​​product
  • Promote

1. Link Shortening

Link Shortening Link shortening means shortening the link of any website. If you have liked the post or article of a website, then you share it with your friends and relatives, due to which the link of that website gets shared everywhere.

But if you share the link of that website by shortening it, then you get money. is a website where you can shorten the link of any website and after shortening the link you share that link through your Whatsapp and when someone opens that link then you will get money.

first you You have to register by going to the website, after registering you can share any link by shortening it.

For example – If you want to share this article of ours, then first copy its URL and Go to the website and shorten this URL.

How to earn money through WhatsApp? 4 Precise Measurements

After shortening the URL, share the URL you will get with your friends and relatives through Whatsapp. If someone clicks on that URL then you get paid.

By doing this, share many good URLs by shortening them and earn money.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Through this also you can earn money from your Whatsapp. Affiliate marketing means selling someone’s product. You must have seen many such websites online that sell goods, like – Flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, ebay. As you know that you can buy any item sitting at home through all these websites, but do you know that you can earn money by selling the goods of all these websites.

If you shop on these websites through you, then you get commission. All these websites have an affiliated program, which you can join and sell their goods. After joining Affiliate, you are given an affiliated link which you can share in your Whatsapp friends and groups, if someone makes a purchase through your link, then you will get a commission.

Suppose you have created your affiliate account in Amazon’s website, then you can generate a link to sell any product of Amazon. Let’s say that you have created an affiliate link of a shirt and you have shared it on your Whatsapp. If someone buys a shirt by clicking on your link, then you will get a commission, which can also be 5-50%.

But if after clicking your link, if someone buys another product, you will still get commission, because through your link, you have bought something by going to the website.

3.Sell product

If you have your own business then you can also earn by promoting your business on Whatsapp.

For example – If you have your own mobile shop then you can promote new mobile on your Whatsapp so that people can know which mobile is available in your shop and they can buy it. This is the best way to interact with your customer and tell them that a new mobile has arrived in your shop.

You can also earn money through Whatsapp by selling your product.

4. Promote

If you have many people in your Whatsapp group and contact, then you can earn money by promoting website or YouTube channel. There are many such websites and YouTube channels which are new, which people need for promotion. If you contact them and say that you will promote their website and YouTube channel and will get some money in return, then they will never refuse, because they have to promote themselves.

Now it comes to which website or YouTube channel we can earn money by promoting it? So in this you have to search on Google yourself, suppose you went to a website and you like that website, then you can tell them through comment that you want to promote their website and in return you will pay for it. Peoples. Tell them how many audiences you can give on their website in a day. If they like your offer then they will definitely contact you and you will be able to earn.

So friends, this was our article today, how to earn money through Whatsapp? The information that we have given to you today is the easiest and most effective, you can also try it and earn money through Whatsapp. If you want to ask anything from us, then definitely ask through comment. Thank you

How to earn money through WhatsApp

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