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How to earn money from Taskbucks? In today’s modern era, everyone needs a mobile to live, life seems incomplete without mobile. Mobile has entered so much in our personal life that if the day does not start with the mobile and the day does not end with the mobile, then it seems that there is something missing.

Where mobile is used for your entertainment, you can get good news of the whole world through your mobile. Not only this, you can also earn a lot sitting at home through your mobile.

When it comes to earning through mobile, or when it comes to earning money, we get confused that what is the way with the help of which we can earn money through our mobile?

Today we will discuss about this and talk about such an app using which you can earn money. By the way, you find thousands of such apps on the internet, playstore or apple store which claim to earn money. But many of those apps are fake, fraud and spam, in such a situation we ourselves get confused which one to use and which one not.

The name of the aap we are going to tell today is Taskbucks, You can earn money from your mobile through Taskbucks app. Today we will know that-

1. What is Taskbucks?
2. What are the benefits of using Taskbucks App?
3. How to download and register for Taskbucks?
4. How to earn money from Taskbucks?
5. How to withdraw money from Taskbucks app?
6. Answer some questions related to Taskbucks?

What is Taskbucks App? | How to earn money from Taskbucks

Taskbucks is one such earning app through mobile. You can earn money by using this app. This app is available for android mobile and window mobile. All you have to do is install this app and the more you use this app, the more you will earn.

You can guess the popularity of Taskbucks app from the fact that this app is present on Google play store for 6 years and more than 10 million people have downloaded this app.

If we talk about the rating of this app, then this app has got a rating of 4.2, that is, this app is very popular among the people.

Taskbucks app what is the advantage of using,

You can earn money through Taskbucks. Through this aap you can earn money online for paytm cash, mobile recharge and mobile bill. There are many such features inside the Taskbucks app, with the help of which you can earn money in different ways.

If you are a student, studying in school or college, then you must have needed pocket money. Taskbucks app is a better way of earning for all those students, with the help of which they can arrange their monthly pocket money.

With the help of Taskbucks, you can earn so much money that your pocket money can be removed. Now let’s know how to download Taskbucks on your mobile?

Taskbucks How download do and how to register,

You can download Taskbucks in your android mobile very easily, you just have to follow all the steps given below.

Step – 1

Open Google playstore and search by typing Taskbucks. After searching, you will come across the Taskbucks app, below which there is a Install button, all you have to do is click on that button. After doing this the Taskbucks app will start downloading on your mobile.

You can also download Taskbucks app through Direct download link of Taskbucks app.

Click on the link below to download Taskbucks

Download Taskbucks App

Once the Taskbucks app is downloaded, install it on your mobile.

Step – 2

After installing Taskbucks app, open it. As soon as you open it, you have to accept all the terms and conditions of Taskbucks and continue To click on the button.

Step – 3

Now you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Here you just have to enter your mobile number. But keep in mind that you have to enter the same mobile number which is already present in your mobile. The reason for this is that when you enter your mobile number, an OTP comes on it so that Taskbucks aap can verify your mobile number.

After entering mobile number ENTER Click on the button.

Step – 4

ENTER On pressing the button, an OTP will come to your mobile which will be verified by Taskbucks app itself. But if Taskbucks is not able to verify the OTP received on your mobile, then you have to manually verify it by entering the OTP.

Just after doing this your mobile number will be verified by Taskbucks and your registration process will be completed. As soon as the registration process is complete, you will come to the home page of Taskbucks where you will have many earning options. Want to know how to earn money using Taskbucks app?

Taskbucks how to earn money from,

There are many such options in Taskbucks through which you can earn money. Let’s know about all one by one-

1. Refer earn money by doing You have already installed Taskbucks for yourself, now it is your turn to convince all your friends and relatives to use this app too. When someone installs Taskbucks app through the referral code given by you, then you get 20 rupees for it.

That is, if 5 people install and use Taskbucks app on their mobile through the refer link given by you, then you will get 100 rupees.

2. App download earn money by doing In the Taskbucks app, you get to download many such promotional apps, which you can earn money by downloading. You can earn from 5 to 20 rupees per app by downloading it in your mobile.

3. Our Feedback share earn money by doing There is always a survey going on on Taskbucks app. You can earn money by participating in that survey and giving your feedback. You just have to answer some questions. like – Questions like Kaun Banega Kadorpati are asked which are related to your personal life.

On completing a survey properly, you get 10 to 50 rupees. And a survey takes at least 5 minutes to complete.

4. Game earn money by playing If you are fond of playing games, then you will find many such games in Taskbucks that you can earn money by playing.

5. Daily contest Earn money by participating in – Every day some content runs in the Taskbucks app, in which you can earn money by participating.

Do you know what is Taskbucks? How to earn money from this? Now want to know how Taskbucks gives you money? That is, how will you get your earned amount?

Taskbucks app how to withdraw money from,

Withdrawing money from Taskbucks is very easy. To make money widthdwar from Taskbucks, you have to earn 20 rupees from earning.

When you earn 20 rupees through Taskbucks app then you can recharge your mobile with that money or you can transfer that money to your paytm wallet.

NOTE- The minimum amount to withdraw money from Taskbucks app is Rs.20.

Taskbucks Some questions and answers related to,

Question 1 – Does it cost money to use Taskbucks?
answer – No, it does not cost money to use Taskbucks, it only costs your internet data to run it.

Question 2 – Does Taskbucks ever ask you for money?
answer – No, Taskbucks never demands money from you. If you get a call from a Taskbucks agent who asks you for money, then you understand that that person is a fraud.

Question 3 – Can we transfer the money earned through Taskbucks app to our bank?
Answer – No, you cannot transfer bank money to Taskbucks as there is only paytm money transfer option in Taskbucks. If you want to transfer your earning amount to your bank then you first transfer your money to paytm and then transfer that money from paytm to your bank account.

Question 4 – Can we earn lakhs of rupees from Taskbucks app?
answer – Yes you can earn but it is very difficult. You can easily earn so much from Taskbucks app so that your pocket money can be met.

What is Taskbucks for today? Learn about how it works and how we can earn money through it. We hope that today’s article has been very beneficial for you. Stay connected with our blog to get information about such money earning apps. Thank you

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