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What is NIA has been formed in India to destroy terrorism. It is a type of investment agency. In the year 2008, there was a very horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai city of the country and when this attack happened, India There was no best investigative agency available in


Thus the government thought of creating an investigating agency and the NIA was created, which Central government lives under. NIA works on the orders of the Central Government to stop their nefarious conspiracies by keeping an eye on terrorist activities. Come to this article Let us get to know about “What is NIA”, its role and how to become an NIA officer.

How to become an SHO?

What is NIA?

There are many types of Investigation Agency in India, the name of NIA is also included in those agencies. It is a professional investigation agency of our country, which mainly takes necessary decisions to prevent and expose terrorist activities.

Thus NIA India It plays an important role in eliminating terrorism of any kind. Therefore, some special powers have been given to the NIA investigating agency by the Indian government as well.

All the officers involved in the NIA investigation agency are very creative minded, as well as they are well versed in various aspects of the investigation. Very strict action is taken by the NIA agency against the people involved in the terrorist activity, as well as the property of such people is also taken in their possession.

The person on whom the charge is proved or the organization on which the charge is proved is declared a terrorist by the NIA. When the NIA starts its investigation, then the state government cannot interfere in any way. It mainly works on the orders of the Central Government and generally gives all the reports to the Central Government.

NIA ka full form

NIA abbreviation “National Investigation Agency” it happens. Whereas in mother tongue it is addressed as National Investigation Agency. The National Investigation Agency has been created by the Indian government for the security of the country.

It has been constituted under the Act National Investigation Agency Bill 2008 passed by the Parliament on 31st December. When the agency was created, its founding director general was Radha Vinod Raju, who served as its director general till January 31, 2010.

NIA How to become an officer?

Anyone who wants to get the post of NIA Officer is required to clear the SSC CGL exam which is conducted in total 4 stages called Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 and Tier4. Below you are being given the information of all the tiers.


In this, the candidate will have General Knowledge, General Studies, MathematicsReasoning and English Questions related to the subject have to be answered. In this, total 100 questions of 25-25 numbers are asked including all the four subjects and the total marks of 100 questions is 200. If a person gives a wrong answer to a question, then 0.50 marks are deducted i.e. there is negative marking in it.


In this, the person has to answer questions related to English and Mathematics, in which 100 questions of 200 marks are asked from Mathematics and 200 questions of 200 marks are asked from English and you will have 2-2 hours to give both these question papers. Time is given. There is also negative marking in this. 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong answer.


In this you have to write an essay on any one issue.


In this, the candidates computer You have to give a probability test, which means that you have to give a typing test, as well as you have to show that you have basic knowledge of computer.

NIA In Recruitment For Qualification [Eligibility for NIA Officer]

The below mentioned qualifications must be fulfilled by the candidate to be recruited in NIA.

  • The height of male candidates should be 170 cms and the height of female candidates should be 150 cms to be admitted in NIA.
  • The chest of the candidates should be 76 cms and when the chest is inflated it should be up to 81 cms. This qualification is not sought for women.
  • The eyesight of male and female candidates should be correct i.e. their eyes should be healthy and they should see everything clearly, also male and female candidates should not have color blindness.

NoteTo become an officer in the National Investigation Agency, you have to give a physical test and after that you have a medical test. In a way, you have to go through all the procedures, only then you get a chance to become an NIA officer and you can become an NIA officer.

NIA Educational Qualification for Recruitment in [Qualification]

To be recruited in any post in NIA, candidates should have any stream from any certified institute of our India country. Graduation Of degree Getting it is very important.

Those who do not have a graduation degree cannot apply to join the NIA. Therefore, you must have a graduation degree, then only you will be able to apply for recruitment to any post in NIA.

nia officer salary [NIA Salary]

In different cities of India, NIA officers are given different salaries by the government. An NIA officer in Category X cities is initially provided with a salary of ₹ 43,166 every month by the government.

And in the cities falling in the y category, the NIA officer receives a salary of ₹ 39,492 every month, the same city that comes in the z category, the government gives the salary of ₹ 30,600 every month to the NIA officer. Apart from this, you have been told about the salary of different posts of NIA.

Designationmonthly salarygrade on
Technical Forensic Psychologist15600-39100₹5400₹
Crime Scene Assistant15600-39100₹5400₹
Cyber ​​Forensic Examiner15600-39100₹5400₹
Superintendent of Police15600-39100₹7600₹
Additional Superintendent of Police15600-39100₹6600₹
Deputy Superintendent of Police15600-39100₹5400₹
Explosive Expert15600-39100₹5400₹
Biology Expert15600-39100₹5400₹
Sub Inspector9300-34800₹4600₹

What is Security Council (UNSC)?

Functions of NIA [NIA Job Profile]

In the year 2008 when Mumbai was attacked by the terrorist, then the need of an investigating agency was required by the government and thus the NIA investigation agency came into existence. The NIA investigative agency mainly works to protect the country of India, as well as it works to maintain the sovereignty and integrity of India. Apart from this, it also monitors the criminal elements causing harm to the country in any way and by arresting the criminal terrorists, starts the case against them and attaches their properties. The Head Quarter of National Investigation Agency is present in Delhi state of our India country.

Power of NIA [Power of NIA Officer]

The government has given some special powers to the National Investigation Agency as compared to other investigative agencies in India. The government has given the NIA agency the right to investigate terrorism, anti-national activities or crimes related to nuclear installations in the country.

The NIA follows the instructions given to the agency by the Indian government and does not require the permission of any state government of India at all. The officer of the NIA agency can investigate the case related to terrorism or crime against Indian people whenever he wants to go to the country or abroad. It is said that the kind of special powers that the US intelligence agency FBI has got, the same rights have been received by the NIA investigation agency, which is the Indian investigative agency.

What is NIA | Rights of NIA

If we talk about the rights of the National Investigation Agency, then it can investigate any case in any country other than India by going outside India on the orders of the Central Government.

If a dreaded criminal is going on trial in the court of NIA, then he can be prevented from appearing in any court of India, as well as if any court is considering granting bail to the criminal under weak evidence, then NIA If she herself, by taking cognizance, she can share the evidence or information related to the case in a closed envelope.

NIA President

At present, on the orders of the Central Government, DGP Dinkar Gupta has been made the new Director General of the National Investigation Agency. Please tell that DGP Dinkar Gupta has been the former DGP of Punjab. DGP Dinkar Gupta has been a 1987 batch IPS officer of Punjab cadre, who will remain in this post till March 31, 2024.

How to get job in NIA?

Every year, the Staff Selection Commission releases a notification for the recruitment of vacant posts in the National Investigation Agency on the official website. for this you The website should be visited continuously.

Because the information of recruitment in NIA is updated on this website. When the recruitment notification is released on this website, then you can apply for the job according to your qualification because different education qualification is sought for all the posts.

Posts in NIA [NIA Officer Post]

Below we have given you the information about the upcoming posts in NIA. Apart from this, there are many posts in NIA. These posts are recruited by NIA from time to time.

  • Technical Forensic Psychologist |
  • Senior Public Prosecutor |
  • sub Inspector ,
  • Assistant Sub Inspector |
  • Senior Private Secretary |
  • Deputy Legal Adviser |
  • Junior Research Officer |
  • Finger Print Expert |
  • Explosive Expert |
  • Cyber ​​Forensic Examiner |
  • Crime Scene Assistant |
  • Biology Expert |
  • photographer ,
  • Accountant |
  • public prosecutor |
  • Senior Research Officer |
  • Research Officer |
  • Stenographer
  • Assistant |
  • deputy superintendent of police ,
  • Additional Superintendent of Police ,
  • Inspector |

NIA In job Of For application How Do,

You can apply for the job in NIA by following the procedure given below.

  • The post for which you are eligible, first of all you have to read the official notification of that post.
  • After reading the official notification, you have to go to the official website of the concerned department.
  • After reaching the website, click on the name of the post and fill the required information and complete your application.
  • After the application is complete, take a printout of your application.
  • Thus by following the above mentioned method you can apply for job in NIA.


What is the full form of NIA?

National Investigation Agency

What is NIA called in Hindi?

national investigative body

When did NIA come into existence?

December 31, 2008

Where is the head quarter of NIA?

New Delhi

What is NIA related to?

ministry of home affairs

How to become an IPS officer

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