What is Artificial Intelligence was a time when computer When it was made, no one even thought that after some time we will have such a thing like smartphone, with the help of which we will be able to make our life easier and human mind has a big hand in this progress of technology. Almost every invention of technology has provided a new direction to the development of man. But at present technology is being used not only for humans but also for other works. Meanwhile, some scientists put the concept of Artificial Intelligence in front of the world.


The purpose of this concept is to make such robots or software that can think like humans and solve problems. This can save a lot of human time. For your information, in this article we will tell you that artifical Intelligence What is it and know about some of its features. So read this article carefully from beginning to end.

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What is Artificial Intelligence? (What is Artificial Intelligence in Hindi)

If we understand in simple language, then artificial intelligence is such a branch of computer science that develops some such machines, software and robots that can think like humans. Such as solving a problem, recognizing a voice and sensing a movement, etc.

There is a plan to make such machines by this concept that can think in the way a human thinks. scientists It is constantly working hard to develop Artificial Intelligence. After its testing and experiences, more features are also being added to these.

Basically, machines are being made in such a way that they can solve problems by using their own intelligence, which can save a lot of time and effort of human beings. Whenever a problem arises, the machines themselves will be able to decide what to do next and what action to take.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence

AI has become a hot topic of discussion in the field of business and technology. many many businessman It is said that Artificial Intelligence is the future of man. But if we look around us, you will know that AI is not our future but the present.

There are many such machines or products which are providing many facilities to human beings by using AI. You must also be using many of these things, whose example we are going to give you below.

Google Maps

The best example for Artificial Intelligence is Google Maps. Although Google uses AI in many areas, the best example of this is done in Google Maps. When we search for any route in Google Map, Google scans the roads with AI mapping and also tells us the right way using its algorithm. Google is planning to further improve this artificial intelligence of the map in the future.


Siri is a voice assistant whose name you must have heard somewhere. When we ask Hey Siri to do any question or work in it, then it does it there. Such as sending messages, making calls, setting alarms and playing songs, etc. With your one command, any application can be opened by this and many other things can also be done. Like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa also work in the same way.


Siri actually works only in mobile devices but Amazon has launched a revolutionary product called Echo which can tell you the weather condition, traffic information and also read book at your one command. Not only this nowadays, you can make your own money through Echo. House Can also turn on and off the fan and light. More features are being added to the Echo over time.


More than smartphones and computers, AI has now stepped into automobiles as well. If you are interested in cars then you must have heard the name Tesla. In fact, such a car has been made by Tesla that can run on its own with the help of AI without a driver. There are many more Self Driving Cars coming up in the world with lots of features. With this you can imagine how interesting and easy our future is going to be.


The most famous startup in the field of Artificial Intelligence has been Nest which Google Bought by. Nest saves energy in your home by artificial intelligence studying your routine and behaviour. So much intelligence has been added to it that it can find out the useful temperature for you in just a week. Not only this, if there is no one in your house then it also closes automatically.

Features of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is such a concept which is proving to be very beneficial for us. We get to see many of its features, some of which we are going to tell you the following:-

  • Deep Learning – Deep learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence in which machines think like humans and decide ahead. Deep learning is being used in many businesses. The biggest example of this is Tesla’s self-driving car, in which with the help of deep learning, the car can run on its own without a driver.
  • Facial Recognition – Artificial Intelligence has brought technology to such a high level that it has become possible to recognize faces with its help. Suppose the face of a thief is not clearly visible in a CCTV camera, then with the help of AI, it can help in identifying that face and the thief can be caught. However, this concept has also faced many criticisms as it also poses a threat to privacy.
  • Chatbots Chatbots have been developed with the help of AI, which can solve customer problems only by chatting. Because customer problems are often the same, AI can pre-programmed solutions to those problems and create ease for customers.
  • Cloud Computing – churning data physically Business But cloud computing has saved us from this problem. With the help of cloud computing, you can easily churn out data. Microsoft Azure is a big player in the field of cloud computing.
  • Quantum Computing – With the help of AI, Quantum Physics problems can be solved easily, which can prove to be very effective for humans in the future. Google AI Quantum is a big player in this field which is contributing a lot in this field.
  • Automate Simple and Repetitive Tasks – Some tasks can be easily done by AI without hard work. For example, we have already given you the example of Siri and self-driving. Earlier these tasks had to be done manually, but now these tasks can be done automatically with a command. Many more features are being added to it.
  • Data Ingestion – As time is increasing, in the same way online and offline data is also increasing. Saving this data manually is a difficult task but with the help of AI it is possible to save this data automatically, which saves us a lot of time and effort.

History of Artificial Intelligence

Research on Artificial Intelligence had started almost in the year 1950 itself. But for many years there was no such discovery in which a machine could do the work itself. But later the discovery made by Norbert Wiener gave a boost to AI. He proved that such a machine can also be made which can use its own intelligence to do many things.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence in Hindi

In this time of technology, AI is coming in handy in many fields. You can guess that when cars have started running with the help of AI without driver nowadays, AI is going to be very useful in future. If we talk about the type of AI, then it can be divided into two parts, whose information we are going to give you below.

first part

  • Weak intelligence (Week AI) Week AI is created to solve a particular problem and it is also called Narrow AI. It is prepared in such a way that it works in a very smart way. Like when you play ludo game in your smartphone, the token moves automatically from the computer side and this token also runs under the rules of ludo games. All this work is done by Weak AI only.
  • Strong intelligence (Strong AI) – Strong intelligence AI is designed in such a way that it can think like a human and decide ahead. Right now there is no proper example of strong intelligence available but many companies are working to develop strong intelligence.

The second part

  • reactive machines (Reactive Machines) It is a very basic machine which does not store memory but only React on that task. IBM’s Deep Blue, which defeated chess Grand Master Kasparov, can be considered a good example.
  • self Awareness (Self-Awareness) It is an AI that has its own consciousness, self awareness and super intelligence. If we understand in simple language, then it can also be called a kind of human being. Work is being done to develop it further in future.
  • Limited Commemoration (Limited Memory) These AIs are able to make decisions in the future using their past experiences. The same AI can be used in self-driving cars as well.
  • Brain of Theory (Theory of Mind) This type of AI has the ability to interact with people by examining people in feelings, beliefs, thoughts, expectations and socially. But so far it has not developed much.

Objectives of Artificial Intelligence

It is not hidden from anyone that man takes time to think and decide on something, due to which the human mind gets tired and a lot of our time is also wasted. But the machines neither get tired nor take much time to complete the work.

Because of this AI was discovered in which machines are able to think as humans think. Not only this, after thinking these machines can also take any decision on it. In such a situation, AI is being used in a good way in many areas of business.

Another goal of this is to save money as well. Now if a machine has to be shut down when the temperature is 10 degrees, then an employee will have to hand over the work, but with the help of AI, the machine can be stopped automatically when the temperature is 10 degrees. This shows that the goal of AI is to save man’s money and time as well as provide him many more facilities.

What is Artificial Techniques

Different techniques of AI are used to perform different tasks and these are called Artificial Techniques. Some examples of this are as follows:-

  • Heuristics.
  • Support Vector Machines.
  • Artificial Neural Networks.
  • Markov Decision Process.
  • Natural Language Processing etc.

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

First of all, you should understand that AI is a machine that has the ability to think like humans. A human learns and experiences a lot in his life, with the help of which it becomes easy for him to take further decisions, but in AI, the machines can take the same decisions that the human has programmed in it.

However, decision making capabilities along with old experiences are also slowly being added to AI. But in difficult times the right decision can be taken only by man. Apart from this, human brain can manage hundreds of things, unlike machines, which can manage only some special tasks programmed by humans.

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