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Swiggy Delivery Boy Job kaise kare?- You must have seen Delivery Boy while delivering food in your cities. These people are delivery boys of Swiggy or Zomato company, who together with the company deliver their food to the customer. Which Swiggy is an online food delivery company.

Then you must have thought that how to do Swiggy Delivery Boy Job? Or how much is the salary of Swiggy Delivery Boy?

If you also want to know how to do Swiggy Delivery Boy Job? Or what should be the qualification to do delivery boy job then you are at right place.

After reading this post today, you will understand completely that Swiggy Delivery Boy Job kaise kare?

In today’s time, everyone wants to do shopping while sitting at home, want to recharge mobile online, so there are many companies that also deliver food online.

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These companies deliver the food from your nearest restaurant, hotel to you in a very short time. To deliver this food to the customer, companies give jobs to the Delivery Boy.

Swiggy Delivery Boy Job kaise kare? all information

They have their own mobile application on which customers go and order food, then a notification is sent on the mobile of delivery by,

After which the delivery boys deliver the food to the customer, then they get some commission on it. This commission amount is 20-90 ₹ per order which varies.

The advantage of doing a job in Swiggy is that you can do full time job, part time job whatever you want and in this your payment is made weekly.

Moreover, you do not need any high qualification to do the job in this. If you want all the information about Swiggy, then definitely read this article once.

Eligibility to do Swiggy Delivery Boy Job

Before doing a job in Swiggy, you should know some important things.

, You must have a bike/scooty, so that you can deliver the food to the customer.

, It is very important to have your ID card.

, You should be able to work for at least 5 to 8 hours in a day.

, You must have basic English language knowledge, so that you can understand the company’s mobile application.

If you have all these qualifications then you can do Swiggy Delivery Boy Job in Swiggy. Apart from this, you get the opportunity to choose your own zone and time, you can choose the time zone as per your convenience.

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5 Benefits of Becoming a Swiggy Delivery Boy Partner

If you join Swiggy Delivery Boy Job then you are not an Employee of Swiggy Company but a Partner of Swiggy.

This means that you are your own boss and you can do the work according to your convenience.

1. The right relationship between work and time

if you swiggy do, then

, In this you can do full time job.

, Can do part time job.

, Moreover, you can also do a temporary job, that is, you can do this job for some time as well.

2. Guaranteed Minimum Earnings

The main advantages of doing a job in Swiggy is that

, In this, you are given your salary weekly.

, In this you can earn as much as you want, that is, the more orders you accept, the more your income will be.

, In this, you get some daily income fixed.

3. No qualification required

Swiggy Delivery Boy Job kaise kare? One of the main advantages of working in

, In this you are not asked any qualification. That is, any person whose qualification is very less in this can also join.

, Provided that you have a little knowledge of the English language so that you can understand the order placed by the customer and get their product delivered to their address.

4. Join Swiggy Delivery Boy Job Instantly

There is a very easy way to join a job in Swiggy, which takes you only 5 to 6 hours. For this, you have to go to Swiggy Recruitment Center with your documents and you will have to verify your document.

After that the employees of the company will give you information about salary and how to use the application, after that you can start working in Swiggy Delivery Boy Job immediately.

5. Promotion Opportunities

Many people think that there is no promotion in Swiggy Delivery Boy Job but it is not so. In this also you get promotion, if you work in it for a few years, then you can be given work at a big level.

Swiggy Shift Timings

If you want to join Swiggy Delivery Boy Job, then you are given three options so that you can choose your right time in which shift you want to work.

S.No.Type of DENumber of DaysNumber of HoursBreak
1.Full-Time Delivery Executive6 Days a week10 Hours ( 9 hours shift) 1 Hour
2.Part-Time Delivery Executive6 Days a week5 hours shift 30 Minutes
3.Temporary Delivery Executive3 Days a week (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)5 Hours for 3 days (Friday, Saturday&Sunday)30 Minutes

Swiggy Job Timings

Here you have been given time to do Full Time Job and Part Time Job, you can do the job at any time as per your wish.

SN Type Of DE Shift Timings
1. Swiggy Full-Time Job Timings 8AM – 6PM
12PM – 11PM

2. Swiggy Part Time Job Timings 12PM – 5PM

7PM – 12AM

5:30PM – 10:30PM

Salary of Swiggy Delivery Boy

The salary of Swiggy Delivery Boy varies for each segment.

Below I have given a table in which you can see the salary structure in different segments of Full Time Job, Part Time Job, and Temporary Job.

S.No.Type of PartnersMonthlyMonthly (Maximum)
1.Swiggy Full-Time Salary StructureRs. 12,000-20,000Rs. 30,000-50,000
2.Swiggy Part-Time Salary StructureRs. 7,200-12,000Rs. 15,000-25,000
3.Swiggy Temporary Partner Salary StructureRs. 6,000-8,0008,000-12,000

, Swiggy gives 15 to 90 ₹ on each order to its Delivery Partner.

, The amount of each order depends on the distance and time, i.e. if you travel more distance to deliver the food to the customer then you will be paid more money.

, If some day no order is received by the delivery boy, then the company itself gives some minimum amount from its own pocket to the delivery partner. Provided you must be logged in to the mobile application in your area.

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Minimum amount per day if no order is received

S.No.Type of RoleMinimum Salary Per Day
1.Swiggy Full-Time Job SalaryRs.500
2.Swiggy Part-Time Job SalaryRs. 300

Promotion in Swiggy Delivery Boy Job

Swiggy provides a lot of incentives to its partners.

, If you exceed the minimum order set by the company, the company may gift you something as an incentive.

, Accident insurance of one lakh.

, Medical insurance of Rs 5 lakh for the family.

Required things and documents

Swiggy Delivery Boy Job kaise kare by Swiggy? You need to have some important documents.

1. You must have a Bike/Scooty of your own.

2. It is very important to have your own driving license.

3. PAN Card

4. An identity card which can be Aadhar card or Voter ID card.

5. You should have your own bank account in which you can take the payment given by the company.

6. Must have passport size photograph.

7. If you do not have a bank account, then the company helps in opening your bank account.

Application Process of Swiggy Delivery Boy

‘Swiggy Delivery Boy Job kaise kare?’ I learned a lot. After this we will know how to apply for a job in Swiggy? You can apply by following the steps given below.

1. First of all you have to visit its official website And you have to fill your name, mobile number, city and your bike or bicycle information.

2. After this you will get a call from Swiggy after some time in which he will tell you the location of Swiggy Recruitment Center and all the things of the documents.

3. Now go to the center with your documents and get your documents verified.

4. Now you will be given some training which is very easy in which you are given training to operate their mobile application.

5. You will be taken for an interview in which you have knowledge of English and Hindi language or not? information will be taken.

6. You will have to deposit 600 ₹ as Security Fee, after which you will be able to get Bag and T-shirt.

7. Now you will be able to work as Swiggy Delivery Partner from next day.

Frequently asked questions about Swiggy Delivery Boy

Q1. Does Swiggy Patrol Pay?

Ans, No, does not pay petrol here.

Q2. Are mobile phones delivered by Swiggy?

Ans. No, the mobile phone must be your own.

Q3. When is the salary given to the delivery boy?

Ans, The salary of Delivery Boy is given weekly.

Q4. Can one do overtime duty with a full time job?

Ans, Yes, you can if you are willing.

Q5. Is there an option to choose Veg or Non veg order?

Ans. No, no such option is available to you by the company.

Q6. Can girls do jobs in Swiggy? If yes, in what timings and how much salary?

Ans, Yes, girls can also do jobs in it but there are some designated areas for them in which they can do according to their safety. Their salary is same like everyone else’s.

Q7. Do I have to deposit money while joining Swiggy Delivery Boy Job join kaise kare?

Ans. Yes, you have to deposit 600 ₹ to get your T-shirt and Bag.

Q8. What is the policy for leaving Swiggy Delivery Boy Job?

Ans, You can quit your job whenever you want by informing the supervisor.

Q9. Should the bike be registered in the same location in which we have to work?

Ans, No, your bike can be registered anywhere in India.

Q10. If some day Delivery Boy does not get any order, then what will be the earning of that day?

Ans, Swiggy fixes a minimum per day amount for its Delivery Boy. If you don’t get any order then this amount is given to you.
Full Time job- 500 ₹ minimum per day
Part Time Job- 300₹ New Day Daily

Q11. Is there a prescribed age limit for doing Delivery Boy Job in Swiggy?

Ans, Yes, your minimum age is 18 years and there is no maximum age limit. credit: sanjiv kumar sir

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So, in today’s article, I have told you how to do Swiggy Delivery Boy Job? What should be the qualification? How to apply? We have given information etc. We have given all the information related to Delivery Boy Job in Swiggy in this article.

I hope you like this Swiggy Delivery Boy Job kaise kare? Would have liked the article.

It has always been our endeavor to give complete information to our readers in a good and methodical manner in a single article so that they do not need to read any other article.

If still there is any shortage in this or you have any suggestion, then you can tell by commenting below. We will definitely answer your questions Thank you!

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