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How to become an SHO police SHO in the department [SHO] This post is considered a very important post. Any police station has full responsibility on them. He gives necessary directions to the employees posted in the lower post in the police station, as well as presents himself to testify in any case if required in the court. The status of an SHO officer is different, as well as due to the good salary, their life also seems to be very good.


Apart from this, the SHO officer gets respect in the society. Thus if you also want to get all these things then how do you become an SHO? If you want to know the essential qualification etc., then definitely read this article completely.

how to become a police inspector

Full form of SHO

SHO abbreviation “Station House Officer” it happens. Which SHO officer is to be posted in any police station, it is decided by the Superintendent of Police (SP) of that district and whenever the Superintendent of Police wants, transfer of any SHO officer from one station to another station. Can do. However, if the SHO wants, he can also suspend the employees working below him.

What is SHO?

The person who is posted on this post, his uniform is khaki in color and he has 3-3 stars on both sides on his shoulder, also a red and blue stripe is also present below the star and by It is recognized that the person is the SHO.

The person posted in this post is called in-charge of the entire police station and the person who is posted in this post, his main job is to keep an eye on all the activities happening or going on under his police station. The person posted in this post does a variety of jobs. He mainly takes care of whether the law and order is being followed properly in his area or not, as well as thoroughly investigates any case.

Apart from this, he gives necessary directions to the younger employees working in the police station, as well as organizes surprise checking from time to time in the vicinity of the police station. India In rural areas, the job of the SHO is to check vehicles, which is usually only traffic police Can do it.

How to become a SHO?

A person who aspires to become an SHO can approach this post in two ways, both of which are completely different. Out of those two methods, in the first method you will have to spend more time to achieve this post, while in the second one you will have to work more hard to get the post.

In this way a person can achieve this post because of his strong will. Below you are being told about both the methods related to “How to become an SHO”.

Becoming an SHO by Promotion

It takes a lot of time to get the post of SHO by getting promotion because in this way you are in police department as constable and you get promotion due to good work.

After that you become head constable and then you get promotion due to good work and you become ASI and thus after getting promotion you get chance to become SI and then when you are on SI post do good work.

Also, if you come in the eyes of the higher officers of the police, then you are promoted and then you go and get the post of SHO. In this way, it will take you at least 10 years to become an SHO in this way.

From SI to SHO

To get the post of SHO by this method, you have to apply for the recruitment of SI when the recruitment of SI comes out and after working hard you have to pass the exam of SI, after that you have to pass the medical test and physical test also. You have to pass and then you get the post of SI.

After getting the post of SI, you are promoted and you get the post of SHO. However, after becoming an SI, you will be promoted to the post of SHO only if you do better work in your area.

At the same time, you will come in the eyes of a high officer of the police. In this way, after becoming an SI, do the best you can and curb crime, which will increase your chances of getting promoted a lot.

Major Functions of SHO

Such candidates who aspire to become an SHO should also know that after becoming an SHO, what work they will have to do. Below we have discussed some of the important functions performed by the SHO.

The person posted in the post of SHO has to keep an eye on all kinds of illegal activities in the area of ​​his posting and if any illegal activity comes in his sight, then he has to try to stop it. Even if he had to use force for this. However, the action taken by him should be within the ambit of the law.

It is also the responsibility of the person posted on the post of SHO to maintain law and order in his area and deal strictly with such anti-social elements who try to break the law and order or challenge the law in any way. give.

Necessary guidelines are also given by the person posted on the post of SHO to the employees of his lesser rank working inside his police station and if any employee does unethical activity then he is also suspended. The SHO along with his team also goes out on patrol in his area on a daily basis and also keeps an eye on the patrolling. The SHO officer also investigates various types of cases coming to the police station and he also appears and testifies in the court if required on behalf of his police station.

Above we told you about some important functions of SHO officer. However, the functions of an SHO officer are not limited to this only. He also does many other types of work. After becoming an SHO officer, you will get information about his complete work or if you want, you can get information about his work from a person posted on the post of SHO.

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Required Qualification to become SHO [Eligibility for SHO]

Whether you become an SHO after becoming an SI, whether you are promoted and you get the post of SHO. You have to possess some important qualifications in both the types, the information of which has been provided to you below.

  • To become an SHO, the candidate must be an Indian citizen.
  • The candidate is also required to pass the physical test and medical test.
  • Person has to become SHO Graduation Must have degree.
  • Required documents with the candidate such as Aadhar card, income certificateincome certificate,education key mark sheet, Reservation certificate, phone number and E mail ID It is also necessary to have
  • To get the post of SHO, the age of the candidate should be within the prescribed limit.

Salary to SHO [SHO Salary and Allowances]

All the posts in the police department have different salaries. In this way, if a person succeeds in getting the post of SHO, then he will get a salary of around ₹ 60,000 to ₹ 75000 every month. This salary is also increased after the implementation of the Pay Commission. Apart from this, many other types of facilities are provided to an SHO officer by the government. SHO officers also get a certain amount of leave in a year and also get uniform allowance.

Who is the chief officer of the police station?

The chief officer of the police station is the Station House Officer (SHO), who is two to three officers of the police station. Sub Inspector (SI) Together with him, he gets the law and order in his area to be followed.

It also deals with the resolution of various types of cases. The chief officer gives all the reports of his police station to the circle officer under his police station and the circle officer gives that report to him. district Works to reach the SP.

FAQ How to become an SHO

What is the full name of SHO?


What is the meaning of SHO in Hindi?

Station Incharge

What is the salary of SHO?

60000-75000 per month

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