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How much salary does an MP a democratic country like India, every person has a chance to fight elections. Member of parliament [MP] There is a right to become and people also want to become an MP because after becoming an MP, they get many facilities by the government, as well as they get good salary (salary) in the month. The main job of an MP is to develop his area by becoming an MP and serve the people of his area.


However, after becoming an MP, people also serve the public and develop their area. Apart from this, after becoming an MP, he is also entitled to a good salary. down you “How much is the salary of an MP” or “How much does an MP get” It is being told about it.

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How much salary does an MP

any one district in many MLA can be. In the same way, there can be more than one MP in a district which can be in any Party could be from. India’s every State MPs are elected from each district in the Parliament, who represent their district or their locality (parliamentary area) in the Parliament. thus India The salary of MPs of all the states varies according to their area. Therefore, if you want information about the exact salary of an MP, then you should know about the salary of MPs according to the state itself.

If all the salary and allowances of MPs are taken together, then they get ₹ 1,0000 every month, as well as about ₹ 45000 is given to them by the constituency for campaigning in the election. In this way, the salary of MPs gets around ₹ 150000 in a month. MPs not only get salary, but they also get various types of allowances and as the Pay Commission is implemented, their salary also increases.

The highest salary of MP in our India is that of MPs from Telangana state who get salary of around ₹ 250000 every month, while the lowest salary is that of MP from Mizoram, who get salary of about ₹ 47000 per month. Let us tell you that there is not much difference in the salary of MLA and MP and if we look at the amount, then the salary of some MPs of India is similar to our country. Prime minister is more than that.

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Other allowances given to MPs (MP Salary, Allowances and Perks)

Apart from his monthly salary, the MP receives many other types of allowances. Its information is being given to you below.

  • Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha During the proceedings, the MP receives a salary of about ₹ 50000.
  • MP can travel on confirmed ticket in first class AC through train.
  • The MP also gets a special pass.
  • If the MP travels by road, then he gets ₹ 16 traveling allowance for every kilometer.
  • If the MPs attend during the proceedings and put their signatures in the register, they get an allowance of ₹ 2000 per day.
  • For getting the work done in their area, the MPs get around Rs 45000 per month as allowance.
  • The MP also receives ₹ 5000000 every year for the development of his area.
  • About ₹ 50000 MP gets every 3 months to get the clothes of his house washed.
  • For traveling by plane, only 25% has to be paid to the MP. In this way, with a discount of 25%, about 34 MPs can travel by air in a year. This facility is for both husband and wife.
  • Every month ₹ 45000 is received by an MP for executive expenses, out of which he can use ₹ 15000 for stationery expenses and ₹ 30000 can be spent on keeping his assistant.

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