in today’s time Internet Doing business and shopping online is being liked a lot, now we do not have to go to the market to buy mobile, furniture, clothes and electronic goods etc. House sitting With just one click through internet online shopping, you can order goods at home. Online shopping business has become very popular in today’s time.


Shopping through the Internet is called e-commerce. Amazon, flip-karthandjob shopcluse Adi website is the site of e-commerce only. Many people are doing online business through these websites. shopping online but they e-commerce What is it, what does it mean, how many types it is, there is no complete information in this regard, so on this page you will get “What is e-commerce? Benefits and Features” Complete information is being given about



E-commerce is also called internet or electronic commerce, conducting your business through internet is called e-commerce. Buying, selling of goods and services and doing business with and sharing with customers is also the process of transferring money and sharing of data, in which data or money is transferred electronically between two or more associates. stays |

Time and distance do not become a barrier in doing business through e-commerce, you can also call e-commerce as online shopping. Electronic business is also being done through mobile applications like TV recharge, net banking, paytm etc. Myntra, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Bigbasket, Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba etc. Website of e-commerce merchants.

These commercial websites have extended the business of e-commerce to a wide level through online shopping and have established a good relationship with their customers, hence its popularity among the customers has also increased. social media E-business is also being done through other apps like applications, whatsapp online chatting, video or general calling etc. E-commerce was started in 1960.

What is postpaid and prepaid

Benefits of e-commerce

  • E-commerce helps in providing better facilities to the customer.
  • E-commerce has reduced the work on paper.
  • E-commerce has reduced the cost of transactions and products so that even less affluent people can buy these products.
  • E-commerce has improved the brand image of the organization.
  • E-commerce enhances business at national and international level in minimum capital.
  • Online shopping is better than traditional shopping and also saves time.
  • E-commerce provides an opportunity to the customers to look for good and cheap products.
  • E-commerce enhances the ease, efficiency and efficiency of business processes.
  • E-commerce enables the business to reach the global market.
  • You can use e-commerce any time 24 hours a day.

Features of e-commerce

  • In online shopping, you are given complete information about the product and there is no bargaining so that you cannot be charged more money for the goods, whereas this facility is not available in traditional shopping.
  • There is a direct contact between the seller and the customer and there is no intermediary in the middle.
  • To do electronic business, the seller does not need a shop to sell his products.
  • Any customer does not have to go to any shop or place to make a purchase, with the help of e-commerce, he can shop online from any place.
  • Through e-commerce, there is a saving in transportation cost and also time, shopping online through phone or laptop, ordering the goods and the goods are delivered at home.
  • full internet access World Therefore, Internet services can be availed from anywhere.

What is postpaid and prepaid

types of e-commerce

Business to Business E-commerce

Related to the mutual transaction between two business companies, in which a company does not make its own product but buys and sells it from another company, it is business to business e-commerce or Business to Business E-commerce too says |

Business to Consumer E-commerce

The company sells its products and services directly to the consumer through the website, in which the consumer receives the goods at home by ordering the product after taking information about the product, this electronic transaction can be done from business to consumer e-commerce or Business to Consumer E-commerce Too It is said, like Flipkart, Amazon etc.

3.Consumer to Consumer E-commerce

The electronic transaction of services and facilities between two consumers is done through a third party, in which one consumer sells the goods and the other buys such as olx, quicker, ebay etc., this is called consumer to consumer e-commerce or e-commerce. Consumer to Consumer E-commerce Too says |

Consumer to Business E-commerce

This electronic transaction is the opposite of business-to-consumer (B2C), in that there is a mutual transaction between the consumer and the business, when one consumer needs to create a website online and the other company creates a website for the consumer. This is called consumer to business or consumer to business e-commerce.

Business to Government E-commerce

All online transactions between companies and administrations are included. In this e-commerce, various types of services such as social security, financial, employment, legal documents and registrars etc. Administration or Business To Government e-commerce says |

Consumer-to-Government E-commerce

Under this e-commerce, all electronic transactions done between the consumer and the administration are included, such as payment of tax, payment of health services and distance education etc. To Government is called E-Commerce.

here you Information about e-commerce has been made aware of , Now hope that you will be satisfied with this information, if you want to get any other information related to it, then give your suggestion by commenting, we will try to answer your response soon. for more information Keep visiting the portal.

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