Cryptocurrency It is a digital cash system. It will remain online only in digital form in your screen (mobile, computer). In simple language, cryptocurrency is digital rupee. Which you cannot touch, but you can definitely keep it in your mobile app. No country or government has any control over cryptocurrency.

image of cryptocurrency
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How Cryptocurrency Works,

Cryptocurrency (incorrupt code) is a digital currency living through coding. Because it is coded (incorrupt), it is not easy to hack. Cryptocurrency is managed through digital satellite technology, blockchain as it remains in digital form hence it is the most advanced technology of cashless payment.

what is blockchain what is the function of blockchain in cryptocurrency,

Blockchain can be said that it works on the bank system, in which all your data (cryptocurrency) is collected together and kept in one block, similarly there are many blocks which contain all the data (cryptocurrency) and all these blocks are interconnected. is connected.

What are the types of Cryptocurrency,

Cryptocurrency is spreading so fast in the whole country that 8 thousand cryptocurrencies have come across the country and more crypto is coming in the coming days.

And when did you come?

The questions are many.

Today we know about it in detail.

Cryptocurrency What is? You have already learned in our blog. And the first cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, the person who brought it is American. Whose name is Santoshi Nakamoto. Which was released in 2009 as open-source software. And he created cryptocurrency named bitcoin using blockchain technology. Which are the most expensive and popular cryptocurrency in the country today.

Top 10 crypto currency

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Ethereum(ETH)
  3. Dogo
  4. Binance coin (BNB)
  5. Loopring (LRC)
  6. letcoin
  7. Solona
  8. Tezos
  9. Matic
  10. Luna (Terra)

  • What is Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It is such a currency that no one can see it, it is found in virtual form, it is saved in electronic form.

You can buy it like any other currency. Like dollar rupees, krona, dinar etc. Founder- santoshi nakamoto 2009|

Ethereum ek is a decentralized platform that allows applications to run without third party interference without any downloads, fraudulent censorship. The Ethereum network uses blockchain technology to allow utilities to send and receive payments. In 2014, it was explained on white paper by Vidhayak Son who is the co-founder of the AK program.

  • what is dogo,

Like any other crypto currency, Dogo can be purchased through a crypto currency wallet or online platform. There is also a dedicated wallet for Dogo Coins, which can be purchased through a smartphone. In India dogo coin can be bought through coinswitch Kuber, Wazir x, coindcx.

Founder Billy Markus ,Jackson Palmer

  • What is 4 binance coin(BNB),

Binance coin is a cryptocoin that is built on the ethereum blockchain. It is an ERC-20 token as it is built on the ethereum blockchain. This coin has been launched by Binance crypto exchange, and most of it is also used on Binance’s crypto currency exchange.

Founder– changpeng zhao, Sun – 26/7/2017

  • 5 What is loopring (LRC) ,

What is looping? LRC is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency token from Loopering. It is an open protocol designed to create decentralized crypto exchanges. The average daily trading volume of the entire crypto currency market in 2020 fluctuated in the range of approximately $50 to $200 million.

  • 6 What is letcoin ,

Letcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network that enables users to send or receive instant low-cost payments anywhere around the world. Harnesses the power of mathematics for network security. And it facilitates faster transaction times along with increasing storage capacity.

  • What is 7 solona coin,

Solona is an open source blockchain platform that was discovered by Anatoly Yakovenko in the year 2017. Solona works much faster than other blockchain platforms. From transactions to dapps are made on top of solona. The solona coin is used to access the network of solona.

Founder antoly yakavenko Year – 2017

  • 8 What is Tezos,

Tejas is a blockchain network based on smart contracts. On the one hand that is not much different from Ethereum although there is a big difference Tejas aims to offer more advanced infrastructure which means it can evolve over time. and can improvise without the danger of any hard focus.

Founder Arthur breitmem,kathleen breitmem – 30 june 2018

  • What is 9 Matic coin,

Matic This is an ERC-20 Ethereum based token. Matic Coin is used to keep the Polygon Network strong. This token is used to make payments over the Polygon network. This means that where Ethereum is used by a lot of developers.

Founder– jayenti kanani, Anurag Arjun or Sandip nelval on – 29/4/2019

  • 10 What is Luna (Terra),

Luna is a comprehensive payment network on the blockchain Luna hosts a variety of stable coins. Each is tied to different fiat currencies. The Luna token is used as a subsidiary to these stablecoins, and fuels the network.

Founder– do kwon, Daniel shin San– 2018

Crypto Mining How does it happen?

During crypto mining, computers solve complex mathematical equations. The first coder to crack each court is able to authorize the transaction and in exchange for the service, the miner earns a small amount of cryptocurrency. Once the miner has successfully solved the mathematical problem, and verified the transaction, they add the data to the public ledger which is called mining.

Why are you starting investing in the crypto market?

Crypto Market It is fast gaining its hold in India. The main reason for this is that in the last few years, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the investors about crypto currency in India, and the investors are investing their money in crypto and earning fast profits and returns.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Crypto,

People in India want to invest their money in such share market. How to forget crypto currency, which gives a lot of returns fast, crypto currency gives the highest and fastest returns compared to other stock markets. There are other benefits of investing money in crypto currency. Other stock market is open from 9:15AM to 3:30PM and is closed 2 days a week.

But cryptocurrency is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. In this, you can buy and sell your shares (crypto) anytime. You can transfer your amount to your account at any time. There are some crypto popular in India that you can buy. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Letcoin, Dogo Coin and there are some platforms to buy all these cryptos. From where you can easily buy crypto. Like coinswitch kuber, Wazir X, Coindcx.

As far as the advantages are concerned, investing in crypto sometimes has disadvantages as well. There is also a risk in investing in crypto currency, if you do not invest in the right time, then you may suffer loss.

Who is the best platform for cryptocurrency in India,

Coinswitch kuber has also emerged as a popular cryptocurrency exchange app. Coinswitch Kuber is India’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange with more than 700000 users. Because most of the users say that it has a clean, lightweight and simple user interface, and can easily see all the transaction history.

How to install (setup) your aap,

how to install coinswitch kuber aap ko? free 50 bitcoin

1 First of all download from our given link.

2 After that sign up with mobile number.

3 After this you have to set the pin according to you.

4 After up, you have to go to unlockwallet, a percentage will appear as you progress, the percentage will be completed.

5 basic verification.


Note: – For e-mail verification, a message must have been sent to the email, go there and verify.

6 PAN card verification.

Note:- Put photo of pan card on both sides.

7 adhar card verification.

Note:- Put photo of adhar on both sides.

8 take a selfie.

Enter your photo

9 Your bank details dale.

Note: – You must have got bitcoin of 50 rupees at the time of sing up at the very beginning, now you can sell it as the price of bitcoin increases and take your money in your account.


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