Sample Text coin in Hindi Friends: In today’s article we are going to talk about Coin. It is the second coin in market capitalization, after Binance, to be withdrawn by a cryptocurrency exchange. If you have already known about this coin a little bit, then you must know that this coin keeps on coming in discussion from time to time. There are many reasons for this which we will talk about today.

If you also want to get all the information about coin, you also want to know what is coin, how it works, what is the cost of coin, total of coin What is the supply, its maximum supply, etc. then you are at the right place. In today’s article we will know about all these things. coin in hindi

What is coin (What is coin in Hindi) is a decentralized open-source blockchain developed by the company The company has developed a decentralized blockchain as well as cryptocurrency Exchange has also been created. There is also cryptocurrency of the same platform named which is used on this blockchain and exchange. Talking about the code name of coin, it is “CRO”.

With the help of, holders stake their coins to become validators and earn some or the other part of the transaction fees on the blockchain. provides services related to many types of cryptocurrencies to its users such as “Crypto Earn”, “Margin Trading”, “Derivative Trading”, etc.

The purpose of chain is that it can increase the adoption of cryptocurrency as much as possible because in today’s time people have started trusting more and more on the blockchain and decentralized system than the centralized system. Because the identity of the people remains hidden on it and no one can track them.

History of Coin coin was launched by company. His biggest motive for launching this coin was that every person should have cryptocurrency in their wallet. And company was launched in 2016 by 3 people. was launched on 16 December 2018 atop the coin market cap website. Its price at the time of its launch ₹1.1 was Rs. After the launch of this coin, there was no major change in its price for some time, its price remained mostly stable. The first major jump in this coin was observed on 15 March 2019 when its price reached ₹7. But then its price declined and it again reached ₹ 2 by the time of 2020.

The good time of this coin started from 2021 when its price suddenly started increasing and then gradually its price reached ₹ 67 on 23 November 2021. Which remains its all-time-high so far.

Who is the father of coin (Who invented coin in Hindi)

to coin Created by Kris Marszalek, Rafael Melo, Gary Or and Bobby Bao. Marszalek had already created 3 companies before was formed. Whose names are “Starline Polska”, “YIYI” and “BEECRAZY”.

How much is coin (Total number of coin in Hindi)

Maximum supply of coin is 30,263,013,692 coin. In those words, it is 30 billion coins. And its total supply is 30,263,013,692 coins. In other words, this is 30 billion coins.

The circulating supply of Coin is 25.26 Billion CRO at the time of writing this article. The circulating supply of this coin is divided into many parts.

  • 20% — Network Long-Term Incentives – frozen until Nov. 7, 2022
  • 10% – Community development
  • 20% — Capital reserve – frozen until Nov, 7, 2022
  • 30% — Secondary distribution and launch incentives
  • 20% — Ecosystem grants – frozen until the launch of Chain Mainnet

source: coinmarketcap coin price (Today price of coin in Hindi)

According to the Coin market cap website, the price of coin at the time of writing this article is ₹ 40.40. Its low of last 24 hours has been ₹39.78 and high has been ₹41.02. And it has fallen by a complete 0.78% in the last 24 hours. And its trading volume has gone up to ₹15,227,312,042 which has fallen by 12.25%.

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How to buy coin in India (How to buy coin in Hindi in India)

To buy any type of cryptocurrency, we need a crypto exchange. whether you have any bitcoin to buy or dogecoin or else shiba inu coin or someone else. To buy all these coins you need to register with the cryptocurrency exchange. Talking about India’s biggest and best cryptocurrency, it is WazirX. WazirX The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is a part of Binance. So you can count on it.

Step No: 1

You have to first register on any one cryptocurrency exchange, if you want, you can register on WazirX which I have mentioned or there are other crypto currency exchanges in the market like any DCA, Toys Kuber, etc.

Step No: 2

After registering, you can use UPI, Bank Transfer, etc. payment option to deposit money in your account.

Step No: 3

After depositing money, go to the search box CRO Search. After that click on the first coin.

Step No: 4

Now you can buy as many coins as you want according to your budget.

What is the future of coin (Future price prediction of coin in Hindi)

According to many estimates and wise traders, its price will be in the coming few years. can be $2,

what did you learn today

Today you got all the information about coin. Such as what is coin (What is coin in Hindi), what is its history (History of coin in Hindi), where is it used, how many are coins (Total Number) of coin in Hindi), what is the price of coin (Today Price of coin in Hindi) and finally we will know about the future of coin ( Coin future price prediction) today), etc.

I hope that after reading this article, all the questions you may have in your mind related to Coin will be cleared. If you think that your questions are not over yet then maybe you have not read the article carefully. So you can take a look at the article once again. And if you still don’t get your answer You can tell us your query through comment below We will answer your every question in the comment section below.

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