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Puraskar Ka Vilom Shabd in Hindi – In this award post, we will know What is Puraskar Ka Vilom Shabd, as well as some more Opposite word of award Will also learn about

But before that know what is the antonym word? The word antonym means opposite or opposite. In the award language, any word, the opposite word of the language is called an antonym or antonym.

Let’s start and know Puraskar Ka Vilom Shabd about.

If you also study in school or are preparing for any government job, then in your exam the antonyms must have been asked and one such antonym would have been asked. Puraskar Ka Vilom Shabd,

Puraskar Ka Vilom Shabd – Antonym of Reward

If this question comes in your exam too. tell the antonym of award or someone ask you what is the antonym of award, So you have to give this answer to him.

Question – What is Puraskar Ka Vilom Shabd?

Ans – Punishment.

Use the antonym of reward in a sentence.

Rewards – My principal gave me an award for coming first in the class.

a punishment – Parents punish us for our mistake.

What is the antonym of award we have known. Along with this, the antonym of the award was also told by using the word in the sentence.

FAQs related to Puraskar Ka Vilom Shabd

Q. What is the antonym of award?

Ans. The antonym of reward is punishment.

Q. What is the meaning of award?

Ans, Puruskar means reward.

Q. What is the meaning of punishment?

Ans, Punishment means punishment.

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