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russia and ukraine

How Will The Russia And Ukraine War Affect Cryptocurrency?

Russia and Ukraine War

India, – The world’s largest first digital currency crypto currency platform seems to be in danger because (Russia) the war has started between Russia and Ukraine (Ukraine), the effect of the war has started showing on crypto currency. cryptocurrency Is an online digital currency. We use it in a way to sell and buy in online training. But now there is a possibility of danger looming over it. Meaning the share market of crypto currency is likely to fall even further.

At the beginning of 2021, the crypto currency market was doing well. But as winter started and a new variant of covid-19 spread, the Asian market weakened, as a result of which the cryptocurrency fell by 50 percent by the end of the year and investors had to bear heavy losses.

At the beginning of 2022, the market for cryptocurrency was not good. But on 1 February by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tax on crypto After the application and due to the weakening of the Omicron virus, the Asian market started booming, due to which the crypto currency also started increasing.

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a massive military offensive on Ukraine and a war has broken out in both the countries and analysts say that this war will significantly affect the crypto currency, falling down 12 percent. is likely to

How many people invest in crypto currency in Russia

In Russia, 1.74 crore people invest in crypto currency, according to the data provided by the officials of the Russian government, Russia has a crypto currency of more than 214 billion-dollar or 16.5 trillion ruval, this amount is the world’s crypto holder’s. The estimate is calculated by analyzing the IP addresses of the largest crypto exchanges in January along with other information.

Russia and Ukraine war

Russia and Ukraine war

Russia and Ukraine war In Russia, the general public of Ukraine is suffering a lot due to the great devastation caused by Russia and their economy has suffered a lot. The war by Russia and Ukraine is causing great destruction. have gone, they have neither accommodation nor food

Russia and Ukraine In view of the war Ukraine’s government requested for cryptocurrency donations and Ukraine legalized cryptocurrency amid rising tensions with Russia

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin tweeted that attacking Ukraine is a crime against the people of Ukraine and Russia

It is reported on Ukraine’s official Twitter account that Ukraine will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether as aid.

Ukraine’s cyber police force begins accepting crypto currency donations due to the Russia and Ukraine war

In addition to support groups and crypto communities, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have also donated to Ukraine.

Ukraine’s military group received bitcoin donations worth $4 million in a day

Ukraine Receives Over $15 Million in Cryptocurrency to Ukraine After Russian Invasion

Some analysts believe that if you keep selling cryptocurrencies, then the market value of crypto currency will keep falling, from this we can guess that if you are selling crypto then what will be the future of crypto currency in the coming days. The effect has started showing on the crypto currency. The decline in the crypto currency continues.

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