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World’s largest digital currency cryptocurrency bitcoin crash Investors are facing heavy losses due to

And due to this loss investors are very scared and some investors will probably never go back to trading crypto currency after this loss.

Crypto currency is a platform where trading is very high risk and high return is also available, despite being high risk, people still invest in it Talk in India, India is at the forefront of investing in crypto currency Brocade Choice According to a report, the number of individual holders who invest in cryptocurrencies is the highest in India, about 10.07 crore people in India have some or the other crypto currency.

India ranks first in investing in cryptocurrencies, America is second and Russia is in third place, while in the US, 27.4 million people and 17 million people in Russia invest in crypto currency and own 106 million bitcoins in the whole country.

106 million people owning bitcoins, yet investing in them are selling their cryptocurrencies for fear of little loss Harshad Mehta scam 1992 In one episode it is said that risk is to love, so if you have taken the risk then you should do it. This will only happen if you don’t sell crypto.

how to save investor cryptocurrency loss?

First of all, the crypto currency investor should not panic, if you are in loss, then leave the money for a long time, you should invest such money which will not work for you for a long time.

You invest as much money as you win, you can bear the loss, if you are in loss, do not sell it immediately, wait for a few days and months, do not panic because the decision taken in panic is often a loss, do you know if the stock will increase tomorrow. And yours cryptocurrency recover Be gone


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