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How to become an IRCTC Agent? What to do? Do you also want to earn a lot of money? Do you guys also want to do something different? Unemployment and inflation have left no one today. A job is like winning a big battle. Today everyone is worried because of money. But doing something or the other has to make a living.

In such a situation, we have brought such a unique method of earning money for you, through which you can earn unlimited money. At least until you get a job, you can earn a lot of money from this method, and even if you are a employed man, you can still do this work part time and earn extra money.

Overall, this method of earning money is useful for everyone and is also quite simple. So let’s go ahead and know about this method.

What is IRCTC Agent?

Friends, you must be traveling in the train and you have to book tickets to travel and you will also remember the long line of platforms to book tickets. In such a situation, everyone is paying more attention to online ticket booking nowadays.

Everyone prefers online ticket booking to save their time and effort, now the question is, who are the people who do online ticket booking. Can common people like you and me book tickets online.

Yes, common people like us and you can also book tickets online. But for that we have to be IRCTC agent. Yes, if you want to book a ticket for yourself or your family, then we can do it with a normal account.

But if we are looking at ticket booking as a bussiness, then we have to do ticket booking by becoming an IRCTC agent. People are earning a lot of money by becoming IRCTC agents. Slowly more and more people are joining this field.

So by now you must have come to know what are IRCTC agents. So now we will also tell you what are the benefits of becoming an IRCTC agent. After that we will know how to become IRCTC Agent.

Benefits of becoming an IRCTC agent

There are many benefits of becoming an IRCTC Agent such as

If you are an IRCTC agent then you can book unlimited tickets whereas a normal person can book only 6 tickets.

Once you book the ticket, there is no risk of ticket cancellation after that.

An IRCTC agent can book Tatkal tickets only after 15 minutes from the general public opening time.

No business license is required to become an IRCTC agent.

By becoming an IRCTC agent, you can earn unlimited income in a month.

One IRCTC To become an agent you must have the following documents.

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Email Id
  • mobile number
  • Address Proof
  • Other Documents

Let us tell you one thing here, the email id and mobile number you are going to use should not be already registered on IRCTC website. You should use any number which is not already registered with IRCTC or else your application will be cancelled.

Now let’s know what are the things you should have available to start earning by becoming an IRCTC agent?

  • a computer or laptop.
  • Good internet connection.
  • a printer.
  • Credit card Debit card or Net banking facility.

How much money do you need to become an IRCTC agent?

To become an IRCTC agent, you have to pay ₹ 30000. Out of Rs 30000, ₹ 20000 is deposited as your security money and is returned to you later.

Now let’s know how to register to become an IRCTC agent?

To register to become an IRCTC agent, you must first go to the website of and fill in all the requested information. After that the information provided by you will be verified by IRCTC officials and if your application is approved then you can work as an IRCTC agent.

To become an IRCTC agent, you have to apply. After which you are provided with a login ID and password. If you also want to become an IRCTC agent, then you have two ways. Either you can become an IRCTC agent by applying directly or you can now do it through an agent.

According to us, it is easier to become an IRCTC agent through an agent if we ask for our personal opinion. Let us know about both the methods today. Then you can adopt whichever method you find easier.

Method 1: Become an IRCTC agent by applying directly?

step1. First of all you have to download the application form from IRCTC website.

Step 2. After downloading the form, all the information asked will have to be filled correctly.

step3. You will have to get the agreement made on a stamp paper of Rs 100 and a demand draft of Rs 20000 in the name of IRCTC.

step4. Along with that you will also have to take Class III Personal Digital Certificate.

step5. After that, you will have to submit it to the concerned zonal railway by attaching PAN card, income tax return of previous years and address proof etc. along with the form. After this your application will be scrutinized and if everything is correct you will be provided with Login ID, Password and Welcome Kit. Now let’s know about the second method.

Second Method – Become an IRCTC Agent through Agent

Step 1. First of all you have to go to the website of

step2. After that a form will open in front of you.

step3. You have to fill that form correctly. In that form, you have to enter your name, address, email id, shop name, pan card, address etc. correctly.

step4. After that you have to press the submit button. Your work is complete as soon as you submit. Now IRCTC team will get in touch with you.

Now your activation process will start. Let us know what is the activation process?

Firstly IRCTC team will receive your application.

After that the team will check the verification of your application. Then your online KYC process will be completed.

Your E-Token will be generated after 24 hours.

After that your mobile number, email id and your shop will be checked.

Then an OTP will be sent to your mobile number.

Tranning and Welcome kit will be sent to you.

Apart from these, even if you have a CSC VLE, ​​you can easily earn money by booking tickets by becoming an IRCTC agent. So let’s also know, what will be the documents for CSC IRCTC Agent Registration and what is the procedure.


CSC VLE ID and Password.

PAN Card.

Aadhar Card.

Bank Passbook, Voter Card

Email ID.

Mobile number.

Follow the steps given below to register

1st Step:- First of all you have to login to Digital Seva CSC Portal with your Login ID and Password.

2nd Step: – Now you will get the option of IRCTC Agent Registration in the result below. You have to click on it.

3rd Step: – Now the option of IRCTC Registration Form will appear in front of you. You have to click on it.

4th Step:- Now it will be written on your screen that to take advantage of this scheme you have to pay money and that money will not be refunded. Now you have to click on the Proceed button given below.

5th Step:- Now IRCTC Agent Registration Form will open in front of you. All you have to do is fill that form. In that form, you have to fill your CSC id, your full name, father’s name, date of birth, gender, PAN card number and Aadhaar number, etc.

Sixth Step:- After entering all those information correctly, you will have to enter some more information below. For example, you have to fill your complete address including your email id, mobile number, state, district, pin code.

Seventh Step: – After filling the information, you will have to upload your pan card. Keep in mind that the size of the PAN card should be less than 100KB. After that you have to upload your voter id or bank passbook for your CSC address proof. After that you click on the button of PAY & SUBMIT.

Eighth Step:- Now you have to pay some money. For this, all the details will come in front of you that how much money you have to pay. Read all the information and click on the option of payment.

Ninth Step: – Now you have to enter the PIN number of your CSC wallet. After that you have to click on the Pay option.

Step 10:- Now money will be deducted from your CSC wallet and your payment process will be completed. Now you will get a receipt of payment being successful. Print that receipt and keep it with you.

Congratulation! Your registration has been completed. Now know how to do CSC IRCTC Agent Activation?

After registering, CSC IRCTC agent activation happens automatically within 15 or 20 minutes. And the login id and password will be available on the email id and mobile number you gave while registering. With that login id and password you will be able to login to IRCTC.

If you want, you can find your login ID and password by going to the IRCTC Registration Form page and clicking on Find your IRCTC agent code.

How to do CSC IRCTC agent registration from mobile?

If you want, you can do all the above process from your mobile also. But to register from mobile, you have to go to Chrome browser and click on the right side of the top and tick the Desktop Site and open the Desktop Mode. Only then you will be able to register from mobile.

After that you will become IRCTC Travel Agent. Now we also know how much a person can earn by becoming an IRCTC agent.

How much commission will you get by becoming an IRCTC agent?

If you book a non AC reserved e ticket then you will get 20 rupees as commission and if you book one such reserved e ticket then you will get 40 rupees as commission. Apart from these, if you book agar aap ek national flight ticket then you will get 100 rupees commission and if you book an international flight ticket then you will get 150 rupees as commission. In this way, if you book 20 to 30 tickets in 1 day, then you will earn a lot.

Apart from this, some people make them fool by taking more money from the customers. In such a situation, it is important for the customers to have proper information and if you are an agent then we would advise you to get the service price that you have set. Because even 100 rupees earned honestly by cheating can never equal 2 rupees earned honestly. Well this is our personal opinion and we would like to apologize if we have offended you.

Conclusion – Conclusion

In today’s post we have given all the information about how to become an IRCTC Agent. Also told you about the benefits of becoming an IRCTC agent. From our side, we tried to cover every single information related to an IRCTC Agent in a single article so that no doubt or question remains in your mind.

There is no doubt that due to the support and love of you people, we keep bringing new and informative articles for you every day and try to make your life easier. You are requested to keep your love and support in this way so that we can bring new articles for you people in future also.

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