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Advertisers will be obliged to declare or disclaimer in advertisements related to cryptocurrency and other digital currency non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from 1st April or to state that this is an extremely high risk and non-regulated exchange. NFT is actually a digital asset that is traded. Products in this category include Art works, Music videos, Games etc.

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) said on Wednesday that it will also be mandatory to show in such advertisements that the regulator will not be responsible for any loss in the transactions of crypto. Important and important points to be mentioned in the advertisement of services Online digital assets contain crypto or NFT as per ASCI cryptocurrency The transaction guidelines have been announced in consultation with industry players, government and financial regulators.

ASCI has Issued Guidelines for Cryptocurrency Ads, It has high risk

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launched cryptocurrency on 1 February TAX on digital money After the announcement of the installation, the cryptocurrency exchange of India got the assurance that they can do their business, for this Crypto Exchanger has started doing their promotional advertisements loudly and seeing such type of advertisements, people in crypto exchange. go and invest

In these advertisements, I do not tell what kind of risk risk, high risk investors may have to bear by investing in them. Indian advertising The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), an industry governing body, has come out with guidelines for Country of Advertising (NFT) Cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens. The guidelines come amid growing concerns about these advertisements attracting retail and young investors. Huh

Several crypto platforms have recently had to withdraw television and print advertisements after facing criticism from government and industry stakeholders regarding the suspicious nature of some advertisements. Guidelines published on or after 1 April 2022 Applies to all ads

ASCI’s Know in detail what are the new guidelines

Cryptocurrency Ads high risk
  • These four words cannot be used in advertisements The terms “currency”, “securities”, “custodians” and “depositories” cannot be used in advertisements for Virtual Digital Asset (BDA) products or services because consumer investors cannot use these terms in these terms. associates with regulated products
  • Can’t show in any advertisement that investing in it will bring more profit in future
  • No advertisement can show that investing in crypto is easy because cryptocurrency is not that easy to understand, it has high risk, it requires a lot of knowledge and thinking before investing in it so all the risks associated with the category in advertisements ( should be told about the risk
  • Crypto companies are required to include a disclaimer in all advertisements of a potential risk factor associated with digital assets
  • Information that may not contradict the warnings that crypto companies give
  • Cannot show minor or any person who appears to be a minor

The Advertising Standards Council has stated that any advertisement for crypto currency or digital asset exchange may not be shown by a minor or any person who appears to be a minor working directly with the product or talking about the product.

  • No advertising can imply that digital products or digital trading can be a solution to money problems, personality problems or other such deficiencies.
  • The ASCI Council has stated that no Crypto NFT advertisement may contain statements that promise or guarantee increased profits in the future
  • Advertisement of CRYPTOCURRENCY DIGITAL CURRENCY requires specific guidance considering that it is a new and yet an emerging avenue of investment hence users are advised to make investors aware about the high risk and proceed with caution. Need Subhash Kamat ASCI President
  • ASCI has said in the new guidelines that every advertisement for BDA products should clearly state the name of the advertiser and provide an easy way to contact them by phone number or email. This information should be displayed in such a way that all easy to understand by the consumer.




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